Week of the People

Week of the People was created in 1971 as a means to bring together the Franklin Township community, businesses and community organizations for a week-long celebration of cultures, faiths, education, art and health.

The original idea of Week of the People was first the brain child of the leadership of the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP) a 501©3 non-profit organization. These leaders were Theodor “Ted” Taylor, Mamie Moore, Ronald Copeland, Lennox Hines, and Mr. & Mrs. Jean Robinson. Many members of the community joined them in establishing the Week of the People celebration which became an important tradition in Franklin Township.

SCAP itself was established in 1965 as one of the first few community action programs nationwide set to implement the Economic Opportunities Act. With SCAP’s strong community base commitment, the Week of the People is just one of the vehicles used to reach out and Embrace the community, ergo the Week of the People’s theme, “Community in Unity.”

In 1982 the Week of the People celebrations ended due to budget cuts. However, in 2004 the Somerset Community Action Program Board of Trustees decided to bring it back, hoping to once again bring the Franklin Township community together.

Although this year there will be only one large event, the Week of the People Board of Trustees is working hard to bring back the days where there was a Parade to kick-off the festivities immediately followed by a week-long celebrations highlighting children, senior citizens, art, faith, cultures, community awards and unity.